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To call it for what it is, this is a holiday and an experience over a dating event. We are going to have fun, find friendship, and possibly even love.

Please complete the application form and submit the $50 application fee. In the rare event that you are found incompatible with the group, a refund will be processed. Upon reaching the required number of participants within your age group, that age group will be shut off to expect a balanced group. You will receive a link to settle the remaining balance of the trip following the initial deadline after we have figured out the exact headcount, resort, and other details. In your application, we seek individuals who embody a relaxed and optimistic demeanor, favoring a ‘chill’ and ‘happy-go-lucky’ attitude over a more demanding or critical one. We value those who embrace the journey, finding joy even in minor inconveniences like lukewarm toast or non-organic eggs. If you catch our drift, you’re the kind of person we’re looking for!

When is the $50 Application fee non refundable: If you decide that you can’t pay or fail to pay the full balance for the trip as scheduled, your $50 will not be refunded. Sorry, this helps us cover our time spent in reviewing applications and organizing the trip.




Private room available from $1838 + $50 Application fee.
Your only extra costs will be transportation and optional activities.
Applying early saves you money and ensures your spot, so you can book your flights sooner.

Your ticket covers it all for an incredible getaway: inclusive accommodation with meals, plus a carefully crafted itinerary packed with activities and parties. While we’ll split into smaller groups for activities like snorkeling, beach yoga, and bar hopping, the majority of meals, parties, “speed friending”, pool time, and beach time will be shared experiences together.

Tulum has some amazing resorts! We have been speaking to 3 of the best resorts, and we look forward to book one shortly. This will be balance of availability to fit the entire group, and 5 star luxury.

Safety First
Your safety and comfort are paramount to us. Each concierge team member is a local expert familiar with the venue, ready to address any queries during your holiday. Whether it’s a quick errand for generic medications or suggestions for activities beyond the itinerary, they’re here to assist. We understand the significant responsibility this entails, and waivers will be mandatory for all participants before the trip. Nonetheless, we’re committed to making this your most enjoyable holiday yet.

Volume Discounts
As events get bigger, they get cheaper to operate. This is true for any and every trip or event. Here we can use negotiations to bring costs down, and this is why we want to get to a large group to negotiate with hotels for 50+ rooms, snorkeling gear, entry into cenotes, atv rental, yacht sails and much more! This means a trip that would cost you $2000+/pp on your own ( or in a small group) can become $1100-1300/person.

SOLO, not alone.
With a four day break, you will be making friends, and really get to know others on the trip. While one or two day events are a touch and go, this event will focus on making the best of the time meeting people, sharing experiences, and also making life long friendships (Maybe love? Everyone is single). Travel SOLO, but not alone – or bring a friend.

What’s included in “All Inclusive”
The pricing is based on room sharing of 2 people per room. Stay, food, activities are included. Private rooms are available and will occur additional cost(Approx. 1800-1900). Drink package is an additional charge. Any diversion from the set activities may occur additional charges.

Age is just a number & we are looking for people who value the journey and quality over the destination. Still, we recommend 28+. We look to pick and select applicants who can fill 33% of each of these groups 28-35, 35-42, and 42+ (with a 50:50 Ratio). But if your age is an outlier, you will be refunded $50. If you are not approved, you will be refunded 50$.

Can I bring a friend or travel companion?
Yes, please make sure they are single too.

How do I secure my spot?
Fill in the application, we will let you know shortly. You will get a call from one of us to go over.

What if we don’t get 100 people?
Over 122 applicants have applied so far. 48 have been refunded because they did not meet the general profile or age group/ or had other expectations. Over 60+ have been accepted. Regardless of how large the group can get, this current group is large and cohesive enough to work together, and get better pricing from vendors. We will continue marketing to get as close to the max amount of rooms we can secure at the resort. 60% of people want private rooms, and thus we won’t be able to allow 100 people to come through. No hotel in TULUM can give us that many rooms considering most people want private rooms! This trip is a go from here on. Please apply asap & expect a call from us.


Got quesitons: support@leapsocial.com