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Ready for In Real Life?

Leap Social engages verified event curators to host exciting events, and connect people in real life at happening venues. Our Social Ai engine invites potential matches from Leap Social users to meet people in the real world at Leap Social Events.

All hosts are expected to provide a safe, supportive, and friendly environment for people to connect IRL.

Leap Social Ai engine handles all the matching and gruntwork.

Explore your passion, or become a business owner.

Become a Leap Social

Verified Affiliate ✅.

Connect your audience!

In Real Life.

Working Celebrating life part time!
Boost revenue and bring in more guests to singles only events! *Note: We promote Free events as well to create a win-win scenario for venue owners and guests. There is no earning for free events.
Host events
Earn Revenue
Connect users IRL
Get paid, on your terms
Scale your community
We’ll show you how.

Leap makes engaging your community easy!

Who can host a Leap Social?

  • Local bars, restaurants, night clubs, and happening venues

    Got a fancy bar, or a rooftop venue in mind? Let’s partner up.

  • Dating coaches and matchmakers

    Run your speed dating event, live – all you need is your phone.

  • Religious & community based organizations

    Bring your youth to meet, and interact in real life.
    Currently working with Catholic, South Asian, East Asian, Jewish, and Latino groups.

  • Lifestyle brands

    Engage audience, and help connect people at happening events. Build memories together.

  • Specialty operators

    Excursions, cook & learn, wine & paint, dance class.
    (We also work with cruise lines to host events at sea.)

  • Entrepreneurs looking to get into the event business