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Collaborate With Leap Social
Join our journey to redefine social discovery.
We partners with movers and shakers, with a passion to connect the world in person and redefine social discovery. Whether you’re a host, an attendee as a Leap or Leap + member, facilitator, affiliate, or influencer, Leap Social is designed to bring you value in many ways.

How Would You Like To Collaborate
With Leap Social?

Social hosts, match makers, venue owners.
We impact lives by connecting people IRL. By working with curators who pride the responsibility for event management, we curate experiences, free of online spam or fraud, endless swipe sessions, and privacy breaches. Therefore, we seek event curators and matchmakers who have a desire to curate social events and will enrich the experiences for our users at the root level, in-person.
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Affiliates and influencers
Join us in spreading the mission by promoting events to your audiences, and earn generous commissions while doing it.
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Become a media partner
We host events every weekend, and while Leap’s social engine handle’s matching users and connecting them at events seamlessly, we need DJ’s and speciality event companies to partner with to operate events on a weekly or monthly basis. Think of “Hawaiian theme parties in New York City”,”Paris Carnival, but in Philladelphia” or “Italian wine tour @ the Hamptons, NY”. Interested in a media partnership with us? Let’s curate experiences, and generate a revenue stream.
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Love blogging?
Share your knowledge and wisdom with an audience of 100,000 members about your social discovery, connections, or just life in general.
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Other Collaborations
University liaison
Socialize IRL at your college or university, we are looking for dynamic college students who want to learn the ropes of an IT business, while making money hosting parties at bars and pubs. This is a commission based internship position.
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Community managers
Engage your community youth by hosting a fun speed dating or social event – with or without forced interactions. Allowing your community to match IRL, and meet people through your organization efforts.
Leap is built for IRL.
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