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Engage your community IRL.


Hosting a leap social event is fun & easy!

Setup time: 10 min

Your task : Community manager
Create a new event as a Leap Host
get your event published in less than 5 minutes
Promote events on social media
every event has a unique event page
Leap Social Artificial Intelligence engine.

We handle the rest

Host parties, connect people IRL.
Free events are always free.
Event media & sharable page
share event page with your network & sell tickets.
Event listing on Leap website + App
gain exposure to the Leap IRL social network.
Ticketing via QR code and geo-location
to check-in, on the app seamlessly.
Payment tracking & confirmations
on your social host dashboard.
Powerful, detailed, & engaging guestlists
know your guests, and curate an unforgettable experience.
Contactless guest check-in
no one required to check-in, just put up the QR passcode.
Powerful AI based invitation network
your guests can match and network IRL or on the app. Let them decide.
Reviews and feedback built in
get feedback about your event, and plan your next one.
All data is private & secure in the cloud
user profile data is never visible to hosts, or anyone. Only user ID numbers are connected to the event for 7 days. After 7 days, all event data is wiped clean - Leaving just the matches and messages behind.
Run your business from anywhere
replace Paypal, Venmo, old-school ticketing, excel, matching softwares, emails, apps, notifications, and even webdesign with Leap Social Host.
Get paid for your hard work, on your terms
host events and get paid after each event, or on your schedule. Direct deposit or via check. Together we create a true social discovery platform.
Help your guests engage in their community,
and find compatibility.
Have fun

Have fun

& enjoy the vibe.
Bring a friend if you wish!

Best foot

Be yourself

there's only one of you to cherish.

Best foot

Connect IRL

with as many people as possible.

Like & match

Like & match

after the event. Profiles available for 7 days.

Every Leap Social event, has in-app interactions.
  • Connect your community & locale

    Help connect people in real life.

  • Speed dating is fun, but so are socials

    Host interesting events, Leap manages the rest.

  • Create chemistry and gain exposure

    Everyone wants to say, we met at a bar or an event. Give them a reason to show up.

  • Earn revenue from ticketing sales

    Leap events are exciting, speed dating, bar crawls, night clubs, and even cruises.

  • We handle the grunt work

    Create events, and market them on social media. We handle ticketing, IRL check-in, payment processing, matching, and messaging.

  • Leap is free for free events.

    Our fees vary depending upon event type. We charge between 15% -20% depending on the type of events. Complete registration page for details.

Leap makes engaging your community easy!

Who can host a Leap Social?

  • Local bar's, restaurants, night clubs, and happening venues.

    Got a fancy bar, or a rooftop venue in mind? Let's partner up.

  • Dating coaches and matchmakers

    Run your speed dating event, live - all you need is your phone.

  • Religious & community based organizations.

    Bring your youth to meet, and-interact in real life.
    Currently working with Catholic, South Asian, East Asian, Jewish, and Latino groups.

  • Lifestyle brands

    Engage audience, and help connect people at happening events. Build memories together.

  • Specialty operators

    Excursions, cook & learn, wine & paint, dance class.
    (We also work with cruise lines to host events at sea).

  • Entrepreneurs looking to get into the event business

    ( We train event managers all the Time )