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Safety on Leap Social
Safety IRL & Online

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The world today is ever evolving for new threats and surprises. In general, IRL experiences are considered safer as opposed to online experiences because IRL protects you against cat-fishing, fraud, scammers, identity theft, and nuisances that relate to experiences initiated online. However, offline interactions have their own hurdles to navigate. This is where Leap Social’s proprietary Personality first, Profiles Later™ process protects users by sheilding your data while making it easy to connect with people IRL at happening events.

Every Leap Social event is held in public places, in groups. However, we do not control who chooses to come to these events or what their intentions are. We merely provide an avenue to meet people in a safe and fun setting. We recommend that you keep your first interaction within the event. Enjoy the moment, and bring a friend to the event if you wish. Make sure they have their own ticket, and can check-in with their own profile to accompany you.

Once checked-in, you can meet people in real life, or choose to network online for 7 days, make a friend, and plan the next activity. We recommend you do not share a phone number or email with anyone you meet at any Leap Social event. Keep all communication on the app, until you feel comfortable sharing your contact details. Conversations will be visible for 14 days from last sent or received message.

Events planned on Leap Social carry the same risk as a night out in town. However we mitigate the risk by keeping a record of all people who attend each event. In addition, every profile is screened and verified by Leap Ai or human check off. Furthermore, each event has event managers who run the event and can be easily reached IRL.

At each event, you also have the ability of notifying a concern to us via the feedback form. Leap Social is a safe and fun place to meet IRL.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to reach us at: safety@leapsocial.com