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Each Leap Social event starts off with a fun and exciting setting, allowing people to meet in the heart of their locale. Leap Social hosts events at bars, restaurants, party halls, wineries, and even cruises. Events are published on our app, as well as our website. These events attract a substantial crowd, so it is important that the safety of each of our guests is our main priority. Every event has a manager whose job is to direct the event flow for that particular event.

Feel free to attend the event, bring a friend, dance to music, and enjoy the vibe. Very few events have structured speed dating. After checking into the event, you can see profiles of each person physically present at that event on your event “guestlist”. If you are in networking mode, you can send a message to anyone in “networking mode” only. If you’ve activated “dating mode”, you will be able to see profiles, send a like, and a message to all in “dating mode” only. These profiles stay active for 7 days.

While we verify all profiles, we can’t control people’s intentions. So it is best advised to come with a friend, or stay on the event premises where an event manager is present. If you discover that another guest has been interrupting you or if you have concerns for your safety, please notify the event manager immediately.

At each event, you also have the ability of notifying a concern to us via the feedback form on the app. Leap Social is a safe and fun place to meet IRL.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to reach us at: safety@leapsocial.com