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Safety on Leap Social
Consent Online and IRL

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Everyone on Leap Social is expected to discuss and repect each others boundaries. One way of doing so is ensuring there is consent and never assuming what the other person is looking for. At Leap Social, we preach and practice this policy on our platform everyday. We check every profile to ensure users are honest and thier profiles represent their true self. We have a zero tolerance policy on anyone that makes another user feel uncomfortable. If you experience that another person doesnt have your best interest at heart, please report the person. We will be able to investigate and take appropriate actions.

Please see : What is Consent.

At each event, you also have the ability of notifying a concern to us via the feedback form on the app. Leap Social is a safe and fun place to meet IRL.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to reach us at: safety@leapsocial.com