How can we help you?

Cancel my subscription
If you’re accessing this page from an Apple device (eg. iPhone / Ipad)

Go to your subscriptions on your Apple account using this link.
Then, find the subscription for Leap Social, select it, and then select ‘Cancel Subscription’.

If you’re accessing this page from a non-Apple device;

Use this link and follow the instructions from Apple to cancel your subscription from a non-Apple device.

Can I request a refund for an event?
Leap Social event tickets are non-refundable since leap Social staff has accounted for your attendance, and has prepped activities and/or venue buy-in accordingly. Also upon purchase of the ticket, a preview of the singles attending is made available on the guestlist. This means some services have been rendered, and a refund is not allowed.
Is there a subscription? Is it refundable ?
Subscription to Leap Social on Android?
Subscribed to Leap Social on Android and need to end your subscription? This is completely handled by Google. Google does not allow us to end or start anyones subscription, thus please follow these steps (They may vary based on the android version yo use but are fairly generic >> Google Play >> subscriptions >> Select the subscription you want to cancel >> Tap Cancel subscription. This will cancel the subscription right away.

Subscription to Leap Social on an iPhone?
As Apple handles payment for subscriptions and in-app purchases, please follow the steps provided by Apple using this link.

Report an issue or bug.
Leap Social was built in mid -2022, and we understand that a lot of work is ahead of us to create this unique experience. Meanwhile, if you face any bugs, or errors, feel free to reach out to us at: We look forward to making Leap Social exciting, meaningful, and user friendly for everyone to attend.
Delete my account.
Are you sure you want to delete your account?
If you have a verified profile, then getting verified again will be difficult as our systems will flag you for multiple acounts. It’s easier to pause your account instead.

To pause your account

We all need to take a break from dating from time to time. Click on your photo on the top right corner of the app. This is your general settings page > Click on profile setting > Toggle profile type to : Pause.
This will hide your profile from all events and online discovery. However your existing connections and messages will continue to be displayed. Turn off notification’s if you wish not to be disturbed.

To delete your account
We are happy (If Leap Social helped you) and sad to see you go. If there’s anything we can do to make this experience more rewarding, please let us know. Click on your photo on the top right corner of the app > Click on account > Delete account > Let us know the reason & click Delete account.
This will delete your profile, all messages, and all history with Leap Social completely. This process is irreversible.

If you’ve deleted the app without deleting your account, please fill this form out to allow us to delete your account. We may contact you for verification before we hit delete.

Report a user on Leap Social
If you come across any profile on Leap Social

that is offensive, scroll down on the profile, and select > Report. Let us know why you are reporting the user. Block the user as well so they wont be able to see you. We go through each profile to ensure that they are verified, yet we reserve the right to block use of the platform if we find it to be a violation of our terms of use.

Off-line behaviour (eg. harassment, assault, scam, ghosting, etc.).

1.) All Leap Social events have event co-ordinators to engage with guests, and make them feel comfortable. However their main job is to ensure safety of all guests. They are typically the first ones at the venue, and last ones out. Please find them, they wear black Leap Social T-shirts.
2.) If you are victim of a crime, please first report it to the local authorities (Police) right away. If there is time, please let the venue co-ordinator know as well or report it in the feedback on the app. We will investigate the occurance, and work with the authorities to release information about the accused to help in the investigation. This is located in Past events > Submit feedback > Toggle report safety incident.

Need help with something else?
We can always be contacted at We read and reply to every email.