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online and irl

Leap social is built to help you connect offline and online at IRL events. Explore interesting event, or a singles bar night on the Leap Social app. New matches that fit your preferences are anonymously invited to attend. Every event has in-app interactions to see guest list, like, match, and plan a date. In 7 days, all event data is wiped clean, leaving only the matches behind.

Single Events
Exciting events, happening venues to socialize IRL.
Make a friend or plan a date.
Single Events
View profiles, like, match, and connect on the Leap app for up to 7 days.


We are passionate about connecting people IRL. As the world evolves, we offer an unique way to meet like minded personalities at happening events across town. Leap Social Events offer a meaningful way to celebrate life with our proprietary Personalities First, Profiles Later™ process. Experience curated events, with Ai and ML based matching and safe guards to enhance user experience IRL.
We offer a fresh prospective to expand your social circle, meet new personalities, and discover compatibility on your own terms.