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Being single is underrated!

Gosh its so easy to binge stream rather than experience a concert, send a like rather than call a friend, or look for the end of the scroll pit, but remember nothing. The gamification of social connections has really made it worse for singles in their journey to meet other singles to date. Swiping apps have made it even worse, by giving people 100’s of blindless matches but nothing of substance or value.

But IRL can get tricky – will there be people like me? How do I remember their names, how do I connect with them the night after. What if I am an introvert – and even worse… is he/she actually single?

Leap Social is a dating app with IRL events that brings the best of both worlds in one experience. Thoughtfully curated profiles to meet singles online – with preferences that find the person you are actually looking for. Leap also hosts offline events across the US/Canada – and occasional events in UK and India. The frequency and locations for these events are increasing every month. Like and match with singles that you share in-person events with. Profiles disappear in 7 days. Leaving just the likes, matches, and messages behind. But any app can do that – ALBA Ai creates matches that matter.

Leap’s social AI engine – ALBA is created to bring compatible people closer at events and online (Limited to Leap Social Subscribers only for now). ALBA invites new users that match your preferences anonymously to events you RSVP at. Meet Personalities First, Profiles Later at Leap Social events. In-person. ALBA is constantly trained with a closed loop feedback to increase its efficiency in the real world and works anonymously).

Dating, made easier.

Single Events
Exciting events and happening venues to meet singles IRL.
Make a friend or plan a date.
Single Events
View profiles, like, and connect on the Leap app for up to 7 days.


We are passionate about connecting singles IRL. As the world evolves, we offer a unique way to meet like-minded personalities at happening events across town. Leap Social Events offer a meaningful way to celebrate life with our proprietary Personalities First, Profiles Later™ process. Experience curated events, with Ai and ML based matching and safeguards to enhance user experience IRL.
Because life is meant to be celebrated, not swiped.